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After fifty paces, turn left and you should now be facing north. Walk seventy-two paces, turn clockwise three times and continue forward for ninety-two more. Do not fear what you find.
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These days humans believe that whenever anything weird happens in the oceans and seas, it's because of aliens. They have forgotten about us sea monsters. Perhaps they should be reminded.

How many times do I have to tell you? I am not a conduit for eldritch beings. I am an eldritch being.

They promised us salvation. What we got was an untested, experimental virus. They didn't know what it would do to us and we still haven't told them.
(WotD 9/15/17: "inoculate")

We are here. As you have seen. We are here.
(WotD 9/17/17: "portentous")

Write what he says, they told me. It was why I was built, they said. And what was the point of it all, now that centuries have passed and his words are gone, but I am still here?
(WotD 9/18/17: "amanuensis")

Something landed in the woods behind my house. It left a large crater and did something to the river. It was smooth and shiny and had a slow, slow heartbeat.
(WotD 9/19/17: "glabrous")

Every item in the collection was labeled with a number. Each item was a short glance into somewhere else. Seven worlds so far and counting, including our own.
(9/20/17; no prompt)

Guess what? I made a Tumblr for this series, too.


Sep. 19th, 2017 02:23 pm
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I write sometimes.

Things that I am currently writing:
The Novel (more on that in another post)
The Game (text-only choose-your-own-adventure game, made with Twine. Might not get finished. Kind of hit a wall with this.)
Three-Sentence Ficlets (more on that below)
Thing That I Just Started Because Why Not (no really, why?)

So, the 3-sentence ficlets, it started out as a just two little ideas that I had bouncing around in my head. I wrote them down, but I didn't have enough to write full short stories out of them. The 3-sentence thing was just a coincidence. I thought that it would be a great little daily exercise. My problem was prompts. I wanted to do this everyday (or nearly everyday) but I couldn't come up with any good ideas. Then I remembered that I had the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app, so I decided to use their Word of the Day feature as prompts. I haven't written one every day (for various reasons), but I try to write one most days.

These I'm definitely going to post up here. I'll have two posts up on Thursday - one with all of the ficlets written before that day and the ficlet for Thursday. I'm calling this little 3-sentence ficlet series Museum of Other Worlds, so it'll be under that tag.
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Here's everything I've made since my last post (that I have pictures of).

Photos under the cut )

Other and future crafty things )
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Guess who forgot they had a Dreamwidth account? I did.

I've got a big post of all the things I have made since my last one coming up later today. Plus other posts about other things.
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Part 2 of my Women of Star Wars crochet dolls. This batch features women/young women from the animated series.

Click the thumbnails to view full size!

Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren are in their Rebels season 3 outfits. Ahsoka Tano is in her season 3-5 outfit from The Clone Wars and Asajj Ventress is in the outfit she wore in The Clone Wars episode “Nightsisters” (S3,EP12).

(I am working on some lightsabers for Ahsoka and Asajj. And the Darksaber for Sabine. And Rey's lightsaber and quarterstaff.)

Ravelry Link | Tumblr Link
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Continuing my Women of Star Wars crochet doll project, here are the sketches for Batch 2 (Animated Edition).

(Click to see full size)
Outfit and crochet doll design for Hera Outfit and crochet doll design for Sabine Outfit and crochet doll design for Ahsoka Outfit and crochet doll design for Asajj

(Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren in their Rebels season 3 outfits. Ahsoka Tano in her season 3-5 outfit from The Clone Wars and Asajj Ventress in the outfit she wore in The Clone Wars episode "Nightsisters" - S3,EP12.)

Hera and Sabine are actually finished. I haven't taken any photos of them yet. My desk (where I take these photos) is a mess because I'm about halfway finished with Asajj and Ahsoka, so it's still covered in the yarn I'm using for these two.
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They're finally finished and I'm finally posting the photos. Here are my amigurumi of Queen Padmé Amidala, Princess Leia Organa, & Scavenger Rey.

Crochet dolls of Padmé, Leia, and Rey
(Click to the thumbnail for full size photo)

Tumblr link and Ravelry link
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Sketches for current amigurumi project: Women of Star Wars (Main Film Edition)

Taken with my cellphone camera, so I apologize for the not-great quality.

(Click to make them bigger)

Outfit and crochet doll design for  Padmé Outfit and crochet doll design for Leia Outfit and crochet doll design for Rey

The Leia amigurumi is almost finished (just need to do hair and hood) and I've just started Rey (still have to do clothes, hair, and accessories). Haven't gotten to Padmé yet.

I will be doing more Star Wars characters, I just grouped them into batches. These three are Batch 1. Batch 2 has four characters (two have sketches). But I won't start crocheting them up until I've finished these three.
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Here's a selection of my favorite things I've made in the past couple of years
under the cut )
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I used to be quark101 everywhere. However, since I came up with that username when I was a teenager, I felt that it was time for a change. Something that fits who I am now. My old journal, [personal profile] quark101, is still up and I don't think I'll ever delete it.
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